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Welcome to Odile’s Interiors! For more than twenty years, we’ve been providing complete design solutions for homeowners from Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisana. We can help you with your complete interior design process from planning to completion. We’ll help you choose a color palette, select furniture and accessories, and create custom designs for your walls and floors. From the floors to the ceiling and everything in between, we do it all!

We also have a special extra service we offer here at Odile’s Interiors: our Saved by the Brush furniture restoration business. Many people here in Texas, Louisiana, and beyond often have antique or older pieces of furniture that are not in the best shape. Here at Odile’s Interiors, we believe these older pieces are unique treasures that deserve to be preserved. We hand-select some of the most amazing pieces available and add beautiful painting and design work to make them true works of art. No two pieces that come out of our workshop are alike, and that’s just the way we like it.

We hope to help you put a beautiful and individual stamp on your home. To get started, please look through our website to get a sense of what we’re about as a design team. Then give us a call. We can’t wait to make your home look as unique as the family that lives there!

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